The grey clover hereby bestows every reader/ viewer with the name “Clover” ( I hope you like it).

So let’s start over again

Hello Clovers. Great to have you here again! And if this is your first time. Welcome to my blog! You can call me “The grey clover” ( that’s also the name of my blog and my pen name.)

Perhaps one day, I will tell you all how and why I came up with the name. Till that day, I’d appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the blog.

So last week, I decided I should try doing some spoken words too rather than just poetry. I finally started one and I will probably share with you when I’m done. But for today, I will be sharing my first poem I made a video for. Someone told me it’s almost like spoken words though. I’d love to get your feedback

Pardon me for today’s ramblings, the video is just below

“Hope” is the thing with feathers #poemoftheweek

Hope” is the thing with feathers

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –

I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.

Quote of the week

You never fail until you stop trying

Albert Einstein

Just a reminder for you today. Take another step, don’t give up, don’t quit. Keep moving forward. It’s not the end until you decide otherwise. Set SMART goals and work towards it. Live a happy life and remember to celebrate little wins. Remember, you can do this, “you never fail until you stop trying” Cheers to the week ahead!

Who’s your favourite poet of all time?

I can’t possibly pick one writer as my favourite, though if you ask me I could tell you it’s Edgar Allan Poe today and tomorrow I could say it’s Maya Angelou. Don’t mind me, I find it difficult to pick just one person.

If I choose just one poet, my nose might just grow longer

So I’ll be starting a series where I’ll be talking about different writers and some of their works I really like and think you should check out. You can always tell me yours too. I’d definitely like to get some recommendations from you all and I look forward to reading them.

In the end

Dear reader, in the end what really matters is your deeds and how you spent your time, so tell me, when you’re left alone with no admirers. Will you be comfortable with your deeds alone and without a dime?

In the end, all I have to say to you is to choose to live your life without regrets and make yourself happy. It’s your life, choose how you want to live it.


I haven’t really been able to write poems this year. There has been a number of overwhelming things and writing poetry has always been like a form of solace for me. I couldn’t think of what to post today so I went into my poetry book and this three particular lines from a poem I wrote sometime last year seem to match my mood and my current feelings. I hope you like it.