The fray; justice or equality?

Hello Clovers! I have been thinking about alot that has been happening. Especially since yesterday was international women’s day, I just wanted to bring it up and know your thoughts. I was wondering on the whole concept of feminism, I feel a lot of people these days seem to have twisted or got the wrong idea about feminism. To me it isn’t what a lot of people seem to make it seem these days. I don’t think It’s about belittling men or making them all seem evil or making them less deserving I feel it’s just to make women be able to do what they want to do, have the same rights to do things that are considered normal for men; to be able to achieve what they want especially in the careers, goals or dreams.

I don’t know what you guys think about it but I would like to hear your thoughts.

What do you think we should actually be fighting for?

What do you think we should be making the the whole awarenes about?

Should we be talking about getting justice or getting equality?

On a personal note, I will go for justice. You might say equality but every woman has different needs so that’s why I rather go for justice. Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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5 thoughts on “The fray; justice or equality?

  1. If I were to pick between Equality and Justice, I would say Justice because there are societal issues that have traumatized millions of women, and people need to held accountable for their actions in their bad treament and discrimination of women.

    I would personally prefer picking equity over equality where women are given exactly what they need to be on the same par with men such as access to different sectors as well as empowerment of women to take up Leadership positions.

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    1. I totally agree with you. I’d go for equity too. But it seems most people understand the concept of “justice” better than “equity”.
      I’m so glad you shared your thoughts and also happy someone understands what’s needed in the society. I hope we will make major changes and have positive impacts on the society in due time.


      1. This is very true, Justice is a much simpler language than equity and for some women, Justice is exactly what they need.

        I believe that hope will become a reality as results from our passion and commitment to make things right!

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