There will always be two sides #quoteoftheweek

Hello Clovers! Hope you had a wonderful and stress-free weekend? If you didn’t, try not to let if affect your day. Take it easy and slow and you’ll be fine.

Sometimes it may seem like a lot is going on at once, but please do not loose yourself and do not let that bring you down.

Last time I talked about doing things for yourself and not being too much of a people pleaser. Truth is, no matter how hard you try, everyone cannot truly like you. No matter how fair or honest you are, it will be that way and that shouldn’t bother you too much. There is always more than one side to everything and even people have some parts of themselves they do not show everyone.

“No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides”

Baruch Spinoza

Even stories have more than one point of view. I like to think there are about three sides to everything; your point of view, the other person’s point of view and the truth. Sometimes it’s not that you or the other person is lying but maybe your points of view is a bit limited to what you see. Therefore, you can’t always grasp the full concept or the full story (like the omniscient point of view).

Pardon my jibber jabber but the whole point of today’s post is to tell you to be yourself, don’t get too worked up and don’t lose yourself

Deep breaths.

Stay calm.

I know it can be too overwhelming, but don’t let it drown you.

The week is yours. Own it!

Warm regards

The grey clover

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Welcome to The grey clover. My name is Mayowa. I'm a physiotherapy student. I am also a lover of Literature, Arts, Science and technology. I have several interests which includes writing poetry, photography, fashion designing and there are still much more things I hope to learn. Thanks for stopping by!

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