To the one left behind

To the one left behind

I never thought that this girl would survive
I never thought that my lips would curl up to a smile
Not ever again, till the world comes to an end
But then, I never thought I'd be endangered
Groping for a reason to live
Breathing in fear,
Swimming in self- doubt
Each new day fills me with terror
Will I survive? Will I survive?

I clasped on to the rope of Life
Will I survive? Will I survive?
My mind can't contain the fright
The memories wash in with turbulence
Will I survive? Will I survive?
The fear has stripped off the last of my might
My mind was the only thing I had
But then came a tide
A convulsion in my mind
I was left alone to bleed dry

And the last thought that came to my mind
Before everything went blank
Will I survive? Will I survive?


Hello Clovers, hope you enjoyed the poem. I wrote this about a year ago with quite a lot on my mind. Fast forward to this day, I can still relate to the exact thoughts that inspired them. Though I can say I’m a little different now, I’m not exactly where I want to be but I sure am working on it.

So dear Clovers, keep pushing through, keep moving forward. Don’t doubt yourself, you will survive and make it through.

Published by The grey clover

Welcome to The grey clover. My name is Mayowa. I'm a physiotherapy student. I am also a lover of Literature, Arts, Science and technology. I have several interests which includes writing poetry, photography, fashion designing and there are still much more things I hope to learn. Thanks for stopping by!

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