Unlearn the ways that hold you back #quote of the week

Hello Clovers! I hope this week starts on a good note for you..

What does this mean to you?

You must have habits or some part of your attitude that probably isn’t great. Sometimes we are often the ones holding ourselves back from achieving something. Yes, sometimes the toxic person is you and not anyone else. In other words you could be the cause of all your problems

You need to let go of some of these things. It’s almost like baggage weighing you down or perhaps think of it as a pile of rocks tied to a balloon. There is no way the balloon will float. If you want it to raise higher, you need to remove the rocks attached. Let it go!

Every day you must unlearn 
the ways that hold you back.
You must rid yourself of
negativity, so you can learn to fly.”


Published by The grey clover

Welcome to The grey clover. My name is Mayowa. I'm a physiotherapy student. I am also a lover of Literature, Arts, Science and technology. I have several interests which includes writing poetry, photography, fashion designing and there are still much more things I hope to learn. Thanks for stopping by!

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