Chasing happiness. #Quote of the week

Welcome back Clovers! I hope you don’t find things too overwhelming as life goes on. If you do, just take it one step at a time.

Baby steps, ok?

I’ve had back to back exams throughout the last week and it was quite a hectic one for me. Nevertheless, exams come and go just like so many other things in life.

However, you should remember one thing that’ll always be present is YOU. YOU need to avoid things getting you down. You need to be happy because that’s one thing that will keep you going.

For many people, they say their goal is happiness and work hard daily trying to achieve it. Working to achieve your goals or dreams might make you happy. But it shouldn’t be your only source.

Do you get what I’m try to say?

Making goals to attain is great. But once you achieve them, you will probably want more and create a new set of goals to achieve. It’s like a cycle that doesn’t lead to freedom.

Don’t get me wrong! By all means work for your goals. But choose to be happy while doing so. It will make the journey to your goals more enjoyable and probably more achievable.

So choose to be happy at every moment. I know it can be a lot of work but always choose to be happy.

Do not chase happiness. Choose it.

“Happiness doesn’t have to be chased…it merely has to be chosen.”

Mandy Hale

The week is yours dear Clovers!

Own it!

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Welcome to The grey clover. My name is Mayowa. I'm a physiotherapy student. I am also a lover of Literature, Arts, Science and technology. I have several interests which includes writing poetry, photography, fashion designing and there are still much more things I hope to learn. Thanks for stopping by!

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