206 Bones: book review

Hi Clovers! I finally got to start reading the new set of books I added to my library.

Not to worry, my reviews will not contain spoilers!

The book I would be reviewing today is called 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs.

If you are familiar with the tv series called “Bones”, this is the book it was adopted from or one of the books rather.

I added the little skeletal props (the skull and my pen)

The book is actually one in a series which focuses on Dr Temperance Brenan who is a forensic anthropologist.

In this book, Dr. Brenan identified some bones and the cause of death which she confirmed was that of a missing heiress. The case was closed until the father of the dead heiress got an anonymous call in which Dr. Brenan was accused of either concealing evidence or totally missing it. This was a very big deal as Dr. Brenan is a renowned forensic anthropologist who is extremely efficient in her job. She tries to find who placed the call but the person who received the call turned up dead before she could meet him.

Three more elderly women were found dead with their bodies discarded. Dr. Brenan somehow thinks their deaths are connected but there seems to be no evidence to prove that.

While trying to solve the cases, it seems she has been making a lot more mistakes but after some time, she starts to think someone might be trying to sabotage her.

My thoughts

This is my first book in the series and I must say I’m not so excited as I was before reading. I had followed the tv series since I was in high school and loved it so much so I was a kind of anticipating something better.

I found the first half a little boring as I just wanted to go back to solving the cases. The story got more interesting midway

All in all, it was a good story, great plot. Though my suspicions were all correct, at the end I learned a little more.

My knowledge of the movie series would definitely come in my views of the book. There were many differences from the show (not surprised because most book adaptations have those differences in their shows).

It’s not a fast-paced read. I was quite curious at the start but got so bored midway. The pace becomes a little better in the last quarter of the book.
There was a lot of times where it felt like I was reading my anatomy note, so for someone with not so much a medical or biological background, a lot of things would seem like jargon to them. I felt some of them were unnecessary but knowing Dr Brenan from the tv series, she always spoke like that. The downside was I didn’t expect a lot of it in the novel.

There were a lot of words in French considering it was set in Quebec, I understand but it might be a little tiring for those with no knowledge of the language. On the bright side, there was always a translation so you won’t be missing anything in the story.

I am giving the book 3 stars. I would recommend not starting with this particular book if you’ve not read any of the book series. It would be a good read if you’re already familiar with some of the characters. I am going to read another book in the series and let you guys know what I think.

Till next time Clovers. Be sure to leave me your recommendations for me in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “206 Bones: book review

  1. Great review!
    I remember bingeing the series back in 2015. I enjoyed it so much back then, I thought my future was in forensic anthropology. Sadly, Nigeria didn’t have that option.
    I made a mental note to check out books but it totally slipped my mind. Thanks to your review, I think I’ll squeeze in one book in the series into my to read list this year (kindly recommend the best one you’ve read so far….thanks).
    I can’t wait to to hear/read Dr Brennan tell someone how intelligent she is or how she speaks 7 languages, two of which we’ve never heard of 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Looks like we had similar circumstances 😂 i also wanted to be a forensic scientist while growing up because of Bones😂 Great to know I was not the only one. I have another book in the series on my shelf and I will read it soon and share it


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