Your goals : quote of the week

Welcome to a brand new chapter Clovers! It’s a new day, new week and a new month. So let’s take this again

Happy new month!! The second half of the year seems to be closing in faster than most of us anticipated. I know it may feel a little weird but always start every new day with a positive mind.

Here’s the major thing I want you to decide on this month. As you focus on achieving your goals, take note of what you see along the way. Learn from it. The journey, the path, the road that leads to that long-awaited dream of yours. Take it all in.

What do I mean by this ?

The point is that sometimes what we think we want is not what’s best for us. You probably just don’t know better at the moment. Your goals and visions often depend on your way of thinking and how you view life. The more things you see, the more enlightened you become.

Let me give you a little example. You want to become a neurosurgeon for instance. That is the major goal but the path to that goal involves many things and various skills set. You need to go to medical school first. To get to medical school, you need to pass your exams above certain grades, therefore you need to read more. You need to be focused. Once you get to medical school, you realise it’s not an easy journey but you set your mind to achieve your goal. You need to be efficient, you need to have a good eye to avoid mistakes especially those that can cost the life of a person. This makes you more observant. You try to learn how to work under pressure, you need to build your communication skills to ensure a good relationship with your colleagues, other healthcare professionals working with you and patients themselves. You need to learn to observe and diagnose efficiently and effectively.

It’s like an endless cycle. It may seem tough sometimes but don’t let it discourage you. Here’s what you may notice about each “endless cycle”. First you pick up new skills on your way to achieving your goals. Since these skills may be necessary in your ultimate goal, you take it serious and work on it.

Here is something you may not realise. Learning that new skill takes you a step closer to your ultimate goal, yes! But it also takes you closer to several other things that require that skill. You become more valuable in skills and open possibilities to several other prospects. At the end of the day, you may find yourself going to another path you just discovered was better for you. It may as well lead to you opening new doors you never knew existed . New experiences and perhaps new passion.

β€œThe major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.”

– Jim Rohn 

When you have one big goal in mind, there is usually a bunch of other things you need to do before you can accomplish it. You can think of it as a checklist. Ticking new skills on that list ultimately, reshapes you. Most likely into a better person and perhaps in a better position to work not just harder but smarter .

This is one of those time I would tell you to also enjoy the process dear Clovers. On this journey, you may find some precious gems on the way, but you have to look closely. In other words , you may even find other passions and perhaps a better and more successful goal in sight. But take one step at a time.

The whole point of all my ramblings for today is to tell to appreciate and enjoy each moment as it comes. Your mind is one of the greatest treasures so treat it with care and fill it with positive thoughts. It may be hard but ensure one of your goals is to be a better person.

I hope you move closer to accomplishing your goals today dear Clovers! Take one step at a time. Don’t be scared to attempt new things.

Till next time! Keep striving for the best and see you at the top.

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Welcome to The grey clover. My name is Mayowa. I'm a physiotherapy student. I am also a lover of Literature, Arts, Science and technology. I have several interests which includes writing poetry, photography, fashion designing and there are still much more things I hope to learn. Thanks for stopping by!

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