Divine Evil: Book Review

Welcome back Clovers!

Today I’ll be reviewing the book Devine Evil by Nora Roberts

What’s it about ?

The book talks about a family living in their small and peaceful hometown when a tragedy hits them leaving a single mother to raise her two children by herself. They eventually moved out of the town. About 15 years later Claire, the daughter who can’t seem to move on is drawn back to the small town despite being a successful sculptor in New York. Claire’s life got turned upside down after her father’s apparent suicide when she was a kid. She was continuously disturbed by some nightmares. She moves back to her old family house in hopes of getting closure from her past.

She goes back to find out not much had changed about her hometown although there is a new sheriff (Cameron) who happens to be her brother’s friend and her childhood crush.

A new case of a missing teenager suggests she was in the town yet no one claimed to have seen her. Things get a little bit strange when a murder occurs in the town for the first time in over 15 years. Claire and the sherrif suspect their town may not be what they had always thought it was, as sinister things start to occur and Claire might just be at the centre of things.

My thoughts

This book also involves some topics on Satanism and rituals so I would advice you avoid it if you can’t stomach a couple of gory details. It is actually a little bit darker than the blurb let’s on.

Despite a number of dark events going on, there was a bit of romance perhaps to lighten up the whole situation.

It was a good read although I was not satisfied with the ending. It felt a bit rushed and a number of things left open and questions left unanswered. Sadly it doesn’t have a sequel and that makes it more bothersome.

I give the book a solid 4 stars out of 5. I would recommend if you are fan of mysteries or thrillers.

It is fast paced and will keep you interested. It was a page turner for me as I finished it in a day

I have not read much of this author’s work but I’m glad this was a good read.

Have you read this book or any other one by Nora Roberts? If so let me know if you enjoyed it.

Till next time Clovers.

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