When great trees fall

When Great Trees FallBY MAYA ANGELOU When great trees fall,rocks on distant hills shudder,lions hunker downin tall grasses,and even elephantslumber after safety.When great trees fallin forests,small things recoil into silence,their senseseroded beyond fear.When great souls die, the air around us becomeslight, rare, sterile.We breathe, briefly.Our eyes, briefly,see witha hurtful clarity.Our memory, suddenly sharpened,examines,gnaws on kindContinue reading “When great trees fall”

Calmly we walk through this April’s day

Calmly We Walk through This April’s DayBY DELMORE SCHWARTZ Calmly we walk through this April’s day,   Metropolitan poetry here and there,   In the park sit pauper and rentier,   The screaming children, the motor-car   Fugitive about us, running away,   Between the worker and the millionaire   Number provides all distances,   It is Nineteen Thirty-Seven now,   Many great dears are taken away,   What will become of you and me(ThisContinue reading “Calmly we walk through this April’s day”

We wear the mask

We Wear the MaskBY PAUL LAURENCE DUNBARWe wear the mask that grins and lies,It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,—This debt we pay to human guile;With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,And mouth with myriad subtleties.Why should the world be over-wise,In counting all our tears and sighs?Nay, let them only see us, while WeContinue reading “We wear the mask”

No man is an island

No man is an islandBY JOHN DONNENo man is an island,entire of itself;every man is a piece of the continent,a part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less,as well as if a promontory were.as well as if a manor of thy friend’sor of thine own were.Any man’s deathContinue reading “No man is an island”