If mama could see

if mama / could see]BY LUCILLE CLIFTONif mamacould seeshe would see lucy sprawling limbs of lucydecorating thebacks of chairslucy hairholding the mirrors up that reflect odd aspects of lucy.if mamacould hearshe would hearlucysong rolled in thecorners like lintexotic webs of lucysighslong lucy spiders explaining to obscure gods.if mamacould talkshe would talkgood girl good girl goodContinue reading “If mama could see”

Poems of solitary delight

Poems Of Solitary DelightsBY TACHIBANA AKEMIWhat a delight it isWhen on the bamboo mattingIn my grass-thatched hut,All on my own,I make myself at ease.What a delight it isWhen, skimming through the pagesOf a book, I discoverA man written thereWho is just like me.What a delight it isWhen everyone admitsIt’s a very difficult book,And I understandContinue reading “Poems of solitary delight”

The silent ones

The Silent Ones BY ROBERT WILLIAM SERVICE I’m just an ordinary chapWho comes home to his tea,And mostly I don’t care a rapWhat people think of me;I do my job and take my pay,And love of peace expound;But as I go my patient way,–Don’t push me round. Though I respect authorityAnd order never flout,When Law andContinue reading “The silent ones”

The guest house

The Guest HouseBY JELALUDDIN RUMIMenuGratefulness.org LogoDONATESEARCH…LOGIN | SIGN UPEXPLOREPRACTICECONNECTBROTHER DAVIDABOUT Get Our Word for the DaySubscribe to our NewsletterThe Guest HouseJELALUDDIN RUMI, TRANSLATION BY COLEMAN BARKS PRINTSHAREThis being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival.A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness comesas an unexpected visitor.Welcome and entertain them all!Even if they areContinue reading “The guest house”

Tonight at noon

Tonight at Noon BY ADRAIN HENRITonight at noonSupermarkets will advertise 3d EXTRA on everythingTonight at noonChildren from happy families will be sent to live in a homeElephants will tell each other human jokesAmerica will declare peace on RussiaWorld War I generals will sell poppies in the streets on November 11thThe first daffodils of autumn willContinue reading “Tonight at noon”