A fallen leaf: poem of the day

A FALLEN LEAFBy Ella Wheeler Wilcox A trusting little leaf of green,A bold audacious frost;A rendezvous, a kiss or two,And youth for ever lost.Ah, me!The bitter, bitter cost.A flaunting patch of vivid red,That quivers in the sun;A windy gust, a grave of dust,The little race is run.Ah, me!Were that the only one.

I measure every grief: poem of the day

I measure every Grief I meet By Emily Dickinson I measure every Grief I meetWith narrow, probing, eyes – I wonder if It weighs like Mine – Or has an Easier size.I wonder if They bore it long – Or did it just begin – I could not tell the Date of Mine – ItContinue reading “I measure every grief: poem of the day”

A narrow fell in the grass

A narrow Fellow in the Grass BY EMILY DICKINSON A narrow Fellow in the GrassOccasionally rides -You may have met him? Did you notHis notice instant is -The Grass divides as with a Comb,A spotted Shaft is seen,And then it closes at your FeetAnd opens further on -He likes a Boggy Acre – A FloorContinue reading “A narrow fell in the grass”

Poem of the day: who said it

WHO SAID IT WAS SIMPLEBy Audre Lorde There are so many roots to the tree of anger that sometimes the branches shatter before they bear.Sitting in Nedicksthe women rally before they march discussing the problematic girls they hire to make them free.An almost white counterman passes a waiting brother to serve them first and theContinue reading “Poem of the day: who said it”

Poem of the day: The return

The returnBy Ezra Pound See, they return; ah, see the tentativeMovements, and the slow feet, The trouble in the pace and the uncertain Wavering! See, they return, one, and by one, With fear, as half-awakened; As if the snow should hesitate And murmur in the wind, and half turn back; These were the “Wing’d-with-Awe,” inviolable.Continue reading “Poem of the day: The return”

Poem of the day: he never expected much

HE NEVER EXPECTED MUCH by Thomas Hardy Well, World, you have kept faith with me,Kept faith with me;Upon the whole you have proved to beMuch as you said you were.Since as a child I used to lieUpon the leaze and watch the sky,Never, I own, expected IThat life would all be fair. ‘Twas then youContinue reading “Poem of the day: he never expected much”

Poem of the day: Leisure

LEISUREBy W.H Davies What is this life if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stareNo time to stand beneath the boughs,And stare as long as sheep and cowsNo time to see, when woods we pass,Where squirrels hide their nuts in grassNo time to see, in broad daylight,Streams full of stars, like skiesContinue reading “Poem of the day: Leisure”

Poem of the day: The man he killed

The man he killedBy Thomas Hardy Had he and I but met By some old ancient inn,We should have set us down to wet Right many a nipperkin!But ranged as infantry, And staring face to face,I shot at him as he at me, And killed him in his place.I shot him dead because– Because heContinue reading “Poem of the day: The man he killed”

Poem of the day: introduction to poetry

INTRODUCTION TO POETRY By Billy Collins I ask them to take a poemand hold it up to the lightlike a color slide or press an ear against its hive. I say drop a mouse into a poemand watch him probe his way out,or walk inside the poem’s roomand feel the walls for a light switch.Continue reading “Poem of the day: introduction to poetry”