“Life is a lovely process of becoming”- Douglas MacArthur

Down the dark alley Down the lane Down the sloppy hill Down the drain Down the rocky valley Lies the fame . . Through the fake smile Through the pain Through this great mind Through the haze Through the stormy rain Lies my gaze . . Born, bred and raised Amongst all the fear andContinue reading ““Life is a lovely process of becoming”- Douglas MacArthur”

Silence part 2

In fear, I became frozen In danger, my heart was becoming molten I had to act but it seemed like a ruction Which escalated to a volcanic eruption The sight left me numb While it seemed like a huge bomb Oh my! The explosion Caused so much commotion All emotions went extinct And my visionsContinue reading “Silence part 2”

” Noise creates illusions. Silence brings truth”- Maxime Legacé

Part 1 In awe, my lips parted In confusion, no words departed Without any devotion I lost all emotion And all I ever wanted left me in pain, haunted Haunted, I will be till I take correction But it seems I prefer the dysfunction The earthly lures make me tempted I can’t continue this journeyContinue reading “” Noise creates illusions. Silence brings truth”- Maxime Legacé”

“Celebrate endings- for they precede new beginnings”- Jonathan Lockwood

I wrote this poem about 2 years ago. it was my shortest poem then and it was part of what lead to the birth of The grey clover. it is one of my favourite poems and I know it doesn’t exactly give off a merry mood but I hope you like it as much as I do.

Crisis; the untold story of a sickler

Today is world sickle cell day. It has been adopted that on June 19 each year, this day will be for raising awareness of the sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Sadly the only possible cure for now is bone marrow transplant which requires finding a suitable donor.Continue reading “Crisis; the untold story of a sickler”

Tales of the voiceless part 3

Children should be seen not heard We lost our voices Along with who we were meant to be But they never stopped squeezing Till some made sounds; croaks and cries They thought we’d eventually speak, so they squeezed harder But instead lives were lost And our voices were never to be heard of again StubbornContinue reading “Tales of the voiceless part 3”