Poem of the week: one Art

Hello people! My poem of this week is called “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop. I absolutely loved this poem from the very first line. Although the poem actually talks about losing things which could bring pain, but it also talks about accepting that we may experience losses at some point in life but rather thanContinue reading “Poem of the week: one Art”

The sunshine blogger award

I have been nominated by the amazing Ingrid at Experiments in fiction. for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Ingrid writes beautiful stories and poems too. A great recommendation for lovers of poetry and prose. The RulesThank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.Answer the 11Continue reading “The sunshine blogger award”

Kennedy Award of Excellence Nomination

I’m delighted to have been nominated for this award by million dreams. I really do appreciate it. Kindly check the blog. About the Award Kennedy Award of Excellence is a registered award of excellence for blogs, sponsored by timelessmind.org. The objective of this award is that ‘The nominated blog, through its writing, presentation and itsContinue reading “Kennedy Award of Excellence Nomination”

Crisis; the untold story of a sickler

Today is world sickle cell day. It has been adopted that on June 19 each year, this day will be for raising awareness of the sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease affecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Sadly the only possible cure for now is bone marrow transplant which requires finding a suitable donor.Continue reading “Crisis; the untold story of a sickler”

Tales of the voiceless part 3

Children should be seen not heard We lost our voices Along with who we were meant to be But they never stopped squeezing Till some made sounds; croaks and cries They thought we’d eventually speak, so they squeezed harder But instead lives were lost And our voices were never to be heard of again StubbornContinue reading “Tales of the voiceless part 3”