Your goals : quote of the week

Welcome to a brand new chapter Clovers! It’s a new day, new week and a new month. So let’s take this again Happy new month!! The second half of the year seems to be closing in faster than most of us anticipated. I know it may feel a little weird but always start every newContinue reading “Your goals : quote of the week”

Bridges are for burning: Book Review

Hi Clovers! I just wanted to let you all know that I read more books last month than I have done the entire year so I’m super excited. Today I’ll be reviewing the book Bridges are for burning by Bina Idonije What’s it about ? The book talks about 3 friends who have known eachContinue reading “Bridges are for burning: Book Review”

206 Bones: book review

Hi Clovers! I finally got to start reading the new set of books I added to my library. Not to worry, my reviews will not contain spoilers! The book I would be reviewing today is called 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. If you are familiar with the tv series called “Bones”, this is the bookContinue reading “206 Bones: book review”

Here’s to strong women: Happy International Women’s Day

To every woman out there, don’t give up! To every woman out there, don’t listen to the voices trying to keep you down! To every woman out there, you are beautiful in your own way! To every woman out there, you are enough! To every woman out there, you are not a burden! To everyContinue reading “Here’s to strong women: Happy International Women’s Day”

The scariest moment

Another Monday is here again! Hello Clovers! My advice for this week is to do one of those things you’ve been putting off since like forever. It’s time to put your Nike gear on and just do it Start now, why put it off till tomorrow? Sometimes, I guess starting something new can be aContinue reading “The scariest moment”

Courage is facing your fear. #quoteoftheweek

Hello Clovers!! This Monday, I just want to tell you to be courageous. At some point you must have heard people saying “face your fears” or “courage is facing your fears”. This then brings us to the big question. What does it mean to “face your fears”? Does facing your fear mean you shouldn’t beContinue reading “Courage is facing your fear. #quoteoftheweek”