Hi guys! I made a video a while back on my YouTube channel. I narrated a poem titled Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. It is absolutely one of my favourite poems. I hope you like it.

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Tales of the voiceless part 3

Children should be seen not heard

We lost our voices

Along with who we were meant to be

But they never stopped squeezing

Till some made sounds; croaks and cries

They thought we’d eventually speak, so they squeezed harder

But instead lives were lost

And our voices were never to be heard of again

Keep reading, it’s not over yet…

Stubborn little kids they called us

And yes, the stubborn ones did survive

Because we refused to give up

And we’d let our children know

Their thoughts, their voices matter

We will raise them to be better than ourselves

We will tear down the old walls and build new ones

Their voices, we will listen to

Because children should be seen

And our children would be heard

Tales of the voiceless part 2

Part 2

Children should be seen not heard

They made us mute

And when we were finally adults

They broke the seal

But we had been silent for so long

And our voices were long gone

Now they squeeze and squeeze

Trying to force us to speak

To be continued


I promise It’s only part 3 left

“I am the voice of the voiceless”- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Part 1

Children should be seen not heard

Those were the words inscribed on our walls

And we grew knowing we didn’t have a say

We spoke and we were shunned

We grew older and spoke and we were shunned

Our voices they ignored

We tried to make it louder

But instead, they sealed our lips shut

To be continued…


One Art

Check out the video of the poem “one Art by Elizabeth Bishop” narrated by me on my YouTube channel. Let me know what you think

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Midnight Blues

There may be times when we cannot clearly explain our thoughts, not because we don’t understand but because we don’t know how. There may be times when we cannot explain our thoughts because we don’t understand our feelings. They are often not as simple as it seems or as we’d think. “Mixed feelings” may be the appropriate term to use, but whichever it is, don’t hold back on the words that may be in your heart, pour them out through Poetry. Exactly as it comes, don’t worry about how they’ll seem. You can always get filters later..

“Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change.”

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“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” —T.S. Eliot

Poetry has become a part of me. I love reading it, writing it or sharing it. “There’s a reason poets often say, ‘Poetry saved my life,’ for often the blank page is the only one listening to the soul’s suffering, the only one registering the story completely, the only one receiving all softly and without condemnation.” —Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Poetry for me has been a remedy, and perhaps another form of therapy for the time I felt lost, with poetry I found my way back. Happy world poetry day!!!

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