Bridges are for burning: Book Review

Hi Clovers! I just wanted to let you all know that I read more books last month than I have done the entire year so I’m super excited. Today I’ll be reviewing the book Bridges are for burning by Bina Idonije What’s it about ? The book talks about 3 friends who have known eachContinue reading “Bridges are for burning: Book Review”

206 Bones: book review

Hi Clovers! I finally got to start reading the new set of books I added to my library. Not to worry, my reviews will not contain spoilers! The book I would be reviewing today is called 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. If you are familiar with the tv series called “Bones”, this is the bookContinue reading “206 Bones: book review”

A new chapter : my bookish adventure

Hello Clovers! I hope this time, you’re getting closer to being a better person and choosing happiness. I haven’t been excited about birthdays in years. As a matter of fact, i’d say the last I was excited about was my 16th and I was writing my IGCSE’s then. I know I’ve been talking a lotContinue reading “A new chapter : my bookish adventure”