Human family

Human FamilyBY MAYA ANGELOUI note the obvious differencesin the human family.Some of us are serious,some thrive on comedy.Some declare their lives are livedas true profundity,and others claim they really livethe real reality.The variety of our skin tonescan confuse, bemuse, delight,brown and pink and beige and purple,tan and blue and white.I’ve sailed upon the seven seasandContinue reading “Human family”

Still I rise

Still I riseBY MAYA ANGELOUYou may write me down in historyWith your bitter, twisted lies,You may tread me in the very dirtBut still, like dust, I’ll rise.Does my sassiness upset you?Why are you beset with gloom?’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wellsPumping in my living room.Just like moons and like suns,With the certainty ofContinue reading “Still I rise”

Life doesn’t frighten me

Life doesn’t frighten meBY MAYA ANGELOU Shadows on the wallNoises down the hallLife doesn’t frighten me at allBad dogs barking loudBig ghosts in a cloudLife doesn’t frighten me at allMean old Mother GooseLions on the looseThey don’t frighten me at allDragons breathing flameOn my counterpaneThat doesn’t frighten me at all.I go booMake them shooI makeContinue reading “Life doesn’t frighten me”