The fish

The FishBy Elizabeth BishopI caught a tremendous fishand held him beside the boathalf out of water, with my hookfast in a corner of his mouth.He didn’t fight.He hadn’t fought at all.He hung a grunting weight,battered and venerableand homely. Here and therehis brown skin hung in stripslike ancient wallpaper,and its pattern of darker brownwas like wallpaper:shapesContinue reading “The fish”

For Annie

For AnnieBY EDGAR ALLAN POEThank Heaven! the crisis,The danger, is past,And the lingering illnessIs over at last—And the fever called “Living”Is conquered at last.Sadly, I knowI am shorn of my strength,And no muscle I moveAs I lie at full length—But no matter!—I feelI am better at length.And I rest so composedly,Now, in my bed,That anyContinue reading “For Annie”

While you weren’t here

While You Weren’t HereBy Janet MichaelWhile you weren’t hereI cried every night.A million tears fell,Still my heart wasn’t right.While you weren’t hereI did what I could,Hoping against hopeMy decisions were good.While you weren’t hereI gained some in age.Things just went onAnd life turned a page.While you weren’t hereI just tried to go on,Knowing what didn’tContinue reading “While you weren’t here”

Searching For HomeBy Brittney HemmandsHer eyes glowed with such ambition,And her mouth spoke words of love and kindness.She took pride in wandering;She walked to find the places her heart longed for.Oh, the places she searched to find her home.She made her way through crowded pathsAnd swam through salted waters.She danced in gardensAnd sweetly kissed strangers.SheContinue reading

Nothing stays the same

Nothing Stays The SameBy Carol A. AndrewsThe earth spins like a rolling ball.Stars shine bright then fade away.Darkness melts and turns to light.The sunrise starts another day.The sun dips slowly into the sea.The moon will wax and wane.The sea will rise and falls with tides.And you will love again.Nothing ever stays the same.Mountains change withContinue reading “Nothing stays the same”

Fear is what quickens me

Fear is what quickens meBY JAMES ARLINGTON WRIGHTMany animals that our fathers killed in AmericaHad quick eyes.They stared about wildly,When the moon went dark.The new moon falls into the freight yardsOf cities in the south,But the loss of the moon to the dark hands of ChicagoDoes not matter to the deerIn this northern field.What isContinue reading “Fear is what quickens me”

The ships of Yule

THE SHIPS OF YULEBY BLISS CARMANWhen I was just a little boy,Before I went to school,I had a fleet of forty sailI called the Ships of Yule;Of every rig, from rakish brigAnd gallant barkentine,To little Fundy fishing boatsWith gunwales painted green.They used to go on trading tripsAround the world for me,For though I had toContinue reading “The ships of Yule”