The children’s hour: poem of the day

THE CHILDREN’S HOURBy Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower,Comes a pause in the day’s occupations,That is known as the Children’s Hour. I hear in the chamber above me The patter of little feet,The sound of a door that is opened, And voices soft and sweet.Continue reading “The children’s hour: poem of the day”

Alone: poem of the day

ALONE WITH EVERYBODYBy Charles Bukowski the flesh covers the boneand they put a mindin there andsometimes a soul,and the women breakvases against the wallsand the men drink toomuchand nobody finds theonebut keeplookingcrawling in and outof beds.flesh coversthe bone and theflesh searchesfor more thanflesh.there’s no chanceat all:we are all trappedby a singularfate.nobody ever findsthe one.the cityContinue reading “Alone: poem of the day”

Freedom: poem of the day

FREEDOM By Rabindranath Tagore Freedom from fear is the freedomI claim for you my motherland!Freedom from the burden of the ages, bending your head,breaking your back, blinding your eyes to the beckoningcall of the future;Freedom from the shackles of slumber wherewithyou fasten yourself in night’s stillness,mistrusting the star that speaks of truth’s adventurous paths;freedom fromContinue reading “Freedom: poem of the day”

Roadways: poem of the day

ROADWAYSBy John Masefield One road leads to London, One road leads to Wales,My road leads me seawards To the white dipping sails.One road leads to the river, As it goes singing slow;My road leads to shipping, Where the bronzed sailors go.Leads me, lures me, calls me To salt green tossing sea;A road without earth’s road-dustContinue reading “Roadways: poem of the day”

Hope; poem of the day

HOPEBy Emily Jane Bronte Hope was but a timid friend-She sat without my grated denWatching how my fate would tendEven as selfish-hearted men.She was cruel in her fear.Through the bars, one dreary day,I looked out to see her thereAnd she turned her face away!Like a false guard false watch keepingStill in strife she whispered peace;SheContinue reading “Hope; poem of the day”

You will hear thunder; poem of the day

YOU WILL HEAR THUNDERBy Anna Akhmatova You will hear thunder and remember me,And think: she wanted storms. The rimOf the sky will be the colour of hard crimson,And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.That day in Moscow, it will all come true,when, for the last time, I take my leave,And hastenContinue reading “You will hear thunder; poem of the day”

If you forget me: poem of the day

IF YOU FORGET MEBy Pablo Neruda If You Forget MeI want you to knowone thing.You know how this is:if I lookat the crystal moon, at the red branchof the slow autumn at my window,if I touchnear the firethe impalpable ashor the wrinkled body of the log,everything carries me to you,as if everything that exists,aromas, light,Continue reading “If you forget me: poem of the day”

I travelled among unknown men: poem of the day

I TRAVELLED AMONG UNKNOWN MENBy William Wordsworth I travelled among unknown men,In lands beyond the sea;Nor, England! did I know till thenWhat love I bore to thee.’Tis past, that melancholy dream!Nor will I quit thy shoreA second time; for still I seemTo love thee more and more.Among thy mountains did I feelThe joy of myContinue reading “I travelled among unknown men: poem of the day”