Bad vibes, bad energy stay far away

Hi Clovers, it’s another week to be excited about! If you don’t think there is anything to be excited about, take a step back and look at one thing you’re grateful for or what makes you happy. Stay away from negativity You should certainly not allow bad vibes around you. Avoid them and have theContinue reading “Bad vibes, bad energy stay far away”

Quote of the week: Live in the present

Hi Clovers!! It’s a new day to be happy, don’t you think so? I know we may have had some experiences or a situation that could have left you sad, broken or scarred. I know it may often be hard to forget them but you have to move on. It’s all dead weight now. NoContinue reading “Quote of the week: Live in the present”

Would you accept defeat? #quoteofthe week

Hello, Clovers! It’s a new week and as we go about our daily affairs, unexpected things may happen. These can either be good or bad. If it’s good, that’s wonderful and I bet you would be excited about it. Keep going on. But you know sometimes, things just don’t happen as expected. There might beContinue reading “Would you accept defeat? #quoteofthe week”

Quote of the week

Welcome back Clovers! And if this is your first time here, Welcome to The Grey Clover! This week I just want to remind you all not to take little things for granted. Don’t look down in yourself and think there is never going to be a change. Your little efforts today will eventually add upContinue reading “Quote of the week”

Monday motivation

It’s a new week Clovers! I hope there have been some changes from what I talked about last Monday And if there isn’t, don’t give up yet. You have to make up your mind and keep trying. Don’t be fazed from watching what you see others doing especially on social media. Dear Clovers, this weekContinue reading “Monday motivation”

Keep your head up #Quoteoftheweek

Hi Clovers, it’s a new week and a new month so keep your head up. I feel like the year just started but half of it has gone by in the blink of an eye. It made me very anxious even. To think that my efforts to do better than my 2020 self seems toContinue reading “Keep your head up #Quoteoftheweek”

Quote of the week

Hello Clovers! I hope your weekend was splendid? So have you got something you’ve been planning to do for a while? Putting off till another day? Here’s my advice to you. START NOW! START TODAY! Stop looking for excuses. If you don’t start, you’ll just keep procrastinating. Sometimes, it may feel a little overwhelming withContinue reading “Quote of the week”

Bounce back and move forward

Hello Clovers!! The first half of the year is almost over and I would like you to assess your progress so far. Are you moving as planned? If yes, I am so excited for you. Keep up with the good work and effort. Do not get caught up in your feelings though, you’re doing goodContinue reading “Bounce back and move forward”

Quote of the week

Hi Clovers! It’s a great time to think about yourself. Think about what you need to do to be a better person. Try out new ideas. They may not always turn out as planned but you will learn from your errors. Don’t waste your time talking about other people or their lives. Live your lifeContinue reading “Quote of the week”