Divine Evil: Book Review

Welcome back Clovers! Today I’ll be reviewing the book Devine Evil by Nora Roberts What’s it about ? The book talks about a family living in their small and peaceful hometown when a tragedy hits them leaving a single mother to raise her two children by herself. They eventually moved out of the town. AboutContinue reading “Divine Evil: Book Review”

Bridges are for burning: Book Review

Hi Clovers! I just wanted to let you all know that I read more books last month than I have done the entire year so I’m super excited. Today I’ll be reviewing the book Bridges are for burning by Bina Idonije What’s it about ? The book talks about 3 friends who have known eachContinue reading “Bridges are for burning: Book Review”

206 Bones: book review

Hi Clovers! I finally got to start reading the new set of books I added to my library. Not to worry, my reviews will not contain spoilers! The book I would be reviewing today is called 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. If you are familiar with the tv series called “Bones”, this is the bookContinue reading “206 Bones: book review”

A new chapter : my bookish adventure

Hello Clovers! I hope this time, you’re getting closer to being a better person and choosing happiness. I haven’t been excited about birthdays in years. As a matter of fact, i’d say the last I was excited about was my 16th and I was writing my IGCSE’s then. I know I’ve been talking a lotContinue reading “A new chapter : my bookish adventure”

Would you accept defeat? #quoteofthe week

Hello, Clovers! It’s a new week and as we go about our daily affairs, unexpected things may happen. These can either be good or bad. If it’s good, that’s wonderful and I bet you would be excited about it. Keep going on. But you know sometimes, things just don’t happen as expected. There might beContinue reading “Would you accept defeat? #quoteofthe week”

Courage is facing your fear. #quoteoftheweek

Hello Clovers!! This Monday, I just want to tell you to be courageous. At some point you must have heard people saying “face your fears” or “courage is facing your fears”. This then brings us to the big question. What does it mean to “face your fears”? Does facing your fear mean you shouldn’t beContinue reading “Courage is facing your fear. #quoteoftheweek”

If I can stop one heart from breaking by Emily Dickinson

If I Can Stop one heart from breakingBY EMILY DICKINSONIf I can stop one Heart from breaking,I shall not live in vainIf I can ease one Life the Aching,Or cool one Pain,Or help one fainting RobinUnto his Nest again, I shall not live in vain.

To the one left behind

To the one left behindBY MAYOWA ISIAQI never thought that this girl would survive I never thought that my lips would curl up to a smile Not ever again, till the world comes to an end But then, I never thought I’d be endangered Groping for a reason to live Breathing in fear, Swimming inContinue reading “To the one left behind”